DB RESIDENTIAL is a boutique real estate investment firm with a niche grounded in the investing, advising, improving and profitably re-selling of distressed properties located in Orange County, CA.     

Our mission at DB RESIDENTIAL is to provide lucrative returns to investors through the purchase and re-sale of discounted distressed properties.  We have strategically built the relationships, knowledge and experience necessary to excel in this industry.

Our Business

DB RESIDENTIAL is uniquely positioned as one of the top producing and most experienced foreclosure real estate firms in Orange County.  Our executives have been deeply rooted in this niche industry for over 10 years and have purchased and sold well over 1000 properties. 

 Our focus at DB RESIDENTIAL is to purchase distressed properties sold at foreclosure auctions for less than 80% of projected re-sale value.  Although our focal point is on the purchasing and re-positioning of properties, we remain disciplined to the appraisal of the property’s value.  The property’s projected re-sale value is determined prior to auction by our skilled executive team.  Each year members of our team analyze and evaluate thousands of properties while seeking out only those that will offer the highest return opportunities for our investors.

Our goal is to maximize profit margins in the most expeditious amount of time.  The quality and timeliness of our post-auction process plays a major role in achieving this objective.  We have industry-leading contacts and employees such as: highly skilled research teams, title officers, top rated eviction attorneys (if needed), expert bidders, cost efficient rehab teams and well respected real estate brokers.  Our experience has allowed us to develop a highly efficient system throughout the acquiring, remodeling and repositioning process. 

The Orange County market has several properties scheduled to sell at auction each day.  How DB RESIDENTIAL, its associates and investors succeed in this competitive industry is by having the investment resources necessary to take advantage of this current buying opportunity.  Our objective is to continue taking advantage of this distressed real estate niche industry as it continues to provide attractive returns to our capital partners.

DB RESIDENTIAL has the knowledge, experience and access to real estate that can offer lucrative returns for our investors.  We look forward to working with capital partners who want to participate with us in this growing industry.